We are a small and focussed consultancy, building compelling strategies and business cases for the environmental and infrastructure sectors, We mix exceptional business thinking and clear insight together with the muddiest challenges in the built and natural world, and specialise in producing the very best project and asset benchmarks, models and analysis.


We offer bespoke business case services alongside standard data products such as cost rates, sustainability benchmarks and productivity models. Our work covers three main themes:

  • Cost modelling and benchmarking
  • Sustainability
  • Productivity

What’s in a name?

The Naiads were water spirits in Greek mythology, who lived in streams, lakes and springs. They were objects of local worship and were often believed to be beautiful and vengeful. Yet their waters could also sometimes heal or help provide the gift of prophesy.

We don’t claim to have such god-like powers! However, at Naiad we do provide deep insights to your environmental and infrastructure challenges by mobilising data, technology and modelling. You can read more about our work under the themes of Cost Models, Sustainability and Productivity.

We welcome enquiries via the form at the bottom of this page or via email on the ‘Contact’ page, and are always delighted to discuss new challenges with clients pushing their business or sector further and faster.