Business Cases & Models

“All models are wrong… but some are useful”

George Box, 20th C British statistician

At Naiad, we aim to build useful models, benchmarks and forecasts that give our client credible insight, and form the basis of a compelling business case or commercial offer. We believe that a good model gives decision-makers confidence that an operation or plan is well understood, and that the exemplary support and analysis we offer turns a good model into an excellent service.

  • Production of concise and powerful business cases underpinned by clear and insightful analysis
  • Creation of complete new through-life cost or financial models, covering requirements discovery, design,  execution, documentation, validation and roll-out
  • Peer review, assurance or V&V (Verification and Validation) of existing models
  • Options analysis and scenario modelling iterations for business cases
  • Life-Cycle/Whole-Life models, including reliability-driven ‘TotEx’ models
  • Standardised libraries of cost rates and benchmarks

A variety of open and proprietary applications and languages can be used, such as MS Excel and add-ins, Enterprise Architect, SQL and Python, as well as many others to integrate with existing client toolsets.

Our Approach to Models

We provide expert modelling services and data products to investors, asset owners and consultants seeking to better manage their assets and projects. Our focus is on improving cost and productivity estimating, forecasting and benchmarking, by building and using the smartest new cost rates, parameters, process logic and models. We see models as a vital resource to complement decision-making in infrastructure and construction, especially in those organisations with an intelligent approach to forecasting, risk and improvement.